The Weight of Sweat

The Weight of Sweat 2017-09-03T09:58:47+00:00

Dehydration can be measured by how much fluid you lose as sweat in relation to your body-weight. Low-level fluid losses below 0.5% of body-weight are easily managed by the body, corrected by drinking small amounts of water. But excessive fluid losses beyond 1% of body-weight cause the body to enter a state of hypohydration, also known as dehydration.

Footballer = 75 kg

Only needs to sweat 750ml to be dehydrated

Footballers can sweat 1 .3% – 4% per game

Intense dehydration

To maintain optimum hydration levels:

Put a tube of O.R.S in your sports bag

Replenish salts, glucose and minerals

Restore electrolyte balance